Energy in Defense – Green U.S.-Denmark partnerships trip to the U.S.

Event Details

  • Start: December 1, 2013

Green U.S.-Denmark partnerships is a 5-day research and match-making event, December 1-6, during which participants will get the chance to meet with decision makers at the Pentagon, Army, Navy and Air Force bases. The objective is to forge partnerships and prusue collaboration between U.S. and Danish companies and organizations in the field og Defense Energy Efficiency.

The 4 branches of the US armed forces, and the private contractors who manage many of their assets, are well aware of the Danish competencies within energy, and interested to learn more about the potential for building strategic partnerships in order to supply the U.S. armed forces with the solutions necessary to reach energy efficiency goals.
The US Army has increased focus on developing more efficient vehicles to reduce battlefield fuel demand, harnessing advanced biofuels as an alternative to petroleum fuels and deploying energy efficient and renewable energy technologies at fixed and forward bases.

Green Partnerships 2013 includes a unique opportunity to meet individually with representatives from each branch of the U.S. Armed Services, as well as major US defence contractors. Furthermore Danish businesses with established track records in the US Defence sector will share their experience gained while entering the market.

Green Partnerships 2013 is organized by the Confederation of Danish Industry, Danish Energy Industries Federation, the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association and the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C.

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