Search Engine Rankings

To achieve better search rankings on Google and other search engines you need to include additional metadata to describe the content on your site. Keywords and descriptions allow search engines to better index your page.

There are three main areas where you can easily add additional information to improve your search rankings: images, pages, and posts.


Refer to the Images section in the manual.

Pages and Posts

When you edit a page or a post, there are two sections available to you to include search information. The first is the SEO color indicator in the Publish dialogue box. The goal is to get as many pages and posts green instead of possible. The second section is the WordPress SEO box at the bottom. Try to change the wording for the focus keyword and use the suggestions that appear on the Page Analysis tab to achieve optimal search rankings.

Green = good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Orange/Yellow = acceptable SEO (this is average and the majority of the pages and posts will most likely be orange)
Red = poor – you should follow the steps below to improve the ranking

* More info can be found on the plugin support page: