Our membership portal and online payment system is handled by a plugin called Paid Memberships Pro and can be accessed under Memberships on the dashboard.

There are four primary areas that you will normally use:
Membership Levels, Members List, Orders, & Reports

Membership Levels


The initial screen displays the Membership Levels we offer. You can edit or add membership titles, descriptions, and pricing here.

* note – you must also update the membership levels in Logos > Membership levels. (see Member Logo instructions)

There is one extra step for updating the Join page. The form at the bottom is for information request and since it is an embedded email form powered by a separate plugin, there is no way to automatically update the list. You therefore need to manually enter the new levels there as well.

1) In the backend, select Contact

2) Click on the Join Form entry to edit it

3) Type in the name of the new level in quotes alongside the other levels

4) Click Save



* note – none of the other tabs will work while logged in with the Staff account – you will receive a the following message: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” In order to change these settings, you will have to login with the Admin account. (refer to the printed account password document for login credentials)

Members List


Manually Create Users and Set Membership Level

Go to Users and search for a user or click to scroll through the pages of users to find the account you are looking for. If the user is not already in the system, click the “Add New” button.

Once a user has been found or created, click on the user’s name to edit the account.

1) Scroll down to the “Membership Level” section and select the correct current level.
2) Select “Yes” for Expires and then pick the date the membership is set to renew/expire.
The user will automatically receive an email reminder when it is time to renew the account.
3) Click the “Send user email” box. This will send them a notice including the login link and the date their account needs to be renewed. * For security reasons, they will not receive their password in the email. Instead, you should manually send them a message including the instructions below so that they may reset/pick their own new password.
4) Type in the company/organization name in the box
5) Click the “Update User” button

You can send the following instructions to your new user:

1) Go to
2) Select the “Lost Your Password” link (this will allow you to reset and choose your own password)
3) You should receive an email with the password reset link
4) After choosing a new password, click the Reset button
5) You will now be able to login to view the site



Orders displays the actual payment history for users that have paid using our online payment system.

As with the Members List, you can export all orders as a .CSV file to be used in an Excel spreadsheet.



Reports show you an overview of all membership activity.