The ADBC newsletter relies on two services:

Step 1 – Create News Articles

  1. Login to the backend administration panel
  2. Select Posts and the the ‘Add New’ button

Adding & editing an article / post:
Notes: Repeat the steps above for all articles.

Step 2 – Set the Newsletter Settings page

  1. Select Newsletter in the admin panel
  2. Set the Month and Year you wish to publish
  3. Click the blue ‘Save Changes’ button

This setting page changes the articles that appear on a hidden page on our site that is specially formatted for emails. You can view the page here: You will use that URL to paste into MailChimp to send the email.

You can edit the newsletter title, logo image, and contact list on this settings page as well, but you should rarely ever have to do so.

Step 3 – MailChimp

Our email newsletter is powered by the MailChimp service. You will first update the mailing list and then send the meial out to all recipients on that list.

Newsletter-04-MC Newsletter-05-MC Newsletter-08-MC-preview



You can click on the Reports tab in MailChimp to view the success of your email campaign. The first screen shows a graph of the most recent emails. You can scroll down to see a list of the specific email campaigns. If you click the name of a campaign you will get even more details about your readers’ response.

* Please make a report to Lina and Mary Paul after a week, with any data you find interesting for them to know.

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