5th Annual Sustainability Awards Reception Hosted By Ambassador Taksoe-Jensen

The US Department of State invited ADBC member companies to the 5th Annual Sustainability Awards Reception in partnership with the DC Greening Embassies Forum on Thursday, June 26th.

The annual Mayor’s Sustainability Awards recognize outstanding businesses and organizations for their environmental stewardship, innovative best practices, pollution prevention, and resource conservation.

The awards highlight sustainable practices in eight areas: Energy & Buildings, Transportation, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Eco-Purchasing, Jobs & Community, Training, and Reporting & Action.

The Mayor’s 2014 Sustainability Award Winners:

Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen hosted the event, which is indicative of Denmark’s role as the most energy efficient nation in the EU.

As the leading country in sustainability, Denmark has decided to lead the transition and become a green growth economy entirely independent of fossil fuels by 2050. The ambitious goal will be reached by increasing energy efficiency and resource optimization; by expanding the share of renewable energy from sources such as wind and biomass; and by driving the development of an intelligent energy system capable of managing the fluctuations of renewable energy.

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