ADBC hosts working lunch to strengthen the collaboration among the Nordic countries

On the 10th of December the Embassy of Denmark and American-Danish Business Council hosted a working lunch with participants from the other Nordic countries. The focus of the lunch was to strengthen the Nordic collaboration. Each country (Embassy and Chamber) did a short presentation of their main focuses for 2015. The participants had many common areas of effort, especially the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), Clean Tech, Defense and the Arctic.

With the US assuming leadership of the Artic Council in April and Denmark assuming the presidency of the Nordic Council in 2015, collaboration between the Nordic countries is significant and important when negotiating – either with other countries or in business situations. When the Nordic area is united, the Nordic countries have a more substantial market size that is more attractive to foreign investors or partners (in this case those from the US).

The lunch continued the collaboration initiated between the Nordic Countries last year with the TTIP event at the Finnish Embassy and the GSA (General Services Administration) seminar at the House of Sweden. It was agreed to work together in 2015 on common goals and broaden the collaboration.

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