American-Danish Young Professionals and DIS-alumni network reception

On February 7th the American-Danish Young Professional network (ADYP) hosted a network reception at the Danish Embassy. Apart from the ADYP, the guests invited were alumni from DIS.

DIS is a non-profit study abroad foundation established in Denmark in 1959. Annually, DIS has 1,300 American students enrolled in education in Denmark and thus provides students with opportunities for cultural engagement and personal growth, while creating lasting ties and relationship with Denmark.

The evening began by remarks from acting Ambassador, Henrik Hahn, whom emphasized the importance of intercultural ties and educational contribution as a mean of personal development.

Afterwards, representatives from both ADYP and DIS were giving keynotes to the +60 young brilliant minds who attended. The evening concluded with a formal networking-session were guests had the opportunity to engage with each other across ADYP and DIS.

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