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Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of the American-Danish Business Council,

I want to thank you all for an extraordinary busy and successful summer where many of you have participated in events hosted by the Embassy.

First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for an outstanding Constitution Day where we celebrated Danish warriors, a strong TransAtlantic relationship, and brought together the whole community of stakeholders that the Embassy is engaged with. We had a full house – and garden – of 700 people honouring the veterans, enjoying Danish food and drinks, and good company. This special day is only possible because of the American-Danish Business Council, and I hope that you and your invited guests enjoyed this day just as much as I did. With so much support for the Constitution Day celebration for the second year, I think that we can now say that a great tradition is established.

Apart from Constitution Day, we also had great attendance from ADBC members for the Danish participation in the Nordic Jazz festival at the Wharf and a for yet another summer party in the residency garden in honour of the Danish ice hockey player Lars Eller, who became a Stanley Cup champion with his team The Capitols. ADBC Members and other close partners of the Embassy were encouraged to bring their families for this informal gathering, and quite a few kids, although starstruck, managed to get an autograph or a picture with their new hero.

Entering into the fall, we are welcoming a few new colleagues to Embassy. Of most importance for ADBC’s defence industry members, is that we have a new Head of Defence Department at the Embassy, Rear Admiral Martin LaCour. And of most importance for ADBC’s maritime industry members, is that the Embassy has got a new Maritime Advisor, Malte Kofoed Søndergaard. For ADBC Members all together though, I am especially pleased to welcome my new Deputy Chief of Mission, Henrik Bramsen Hahn, who comes directly from a position as Denmark’s Ambassador to Mexico.

The most important date that I want to you keep in mind for now, is December 6, where we will have our yearly Christmas Cocktail Party at the Embassy. ADBC Members are just as last year encouraged to invite the contacts who are important to you. Ahead of the Christmas Cocktail Party, I will also host a special meeting for all the members of ADBC to give a briefing about the our work and to have input from our members in relation to ADBC’s work going forward. If I will not see you before, I am looking very much forward to this day.

Greetings by the Ambassador

Dear Members of the American-Danish Business Council,

Two large celebrations – Wounded Warrior Week and Constitution Day Celebration – are taking place in the beginning of June. These events are only possible because of your support as members of ADBC. I want you to know how extremely grateful I am for that.

This week – from May 28th to June 3rd, Wounded Warrior Week is taking place at Virginia Beach. Wounded Warrior Week is organized by United Services Organization (USO) as an initiative to support U.S. military veterans and their families in their recovery and well-being. The festival has therapeutic and recreational activities such as surfing, skydiving, kayaking, cycling, coastal fishing, horsemanship, workouts and music concerts. Because of the strong ties and great collaboration between American and Danish military and veterans organizations, 20 Danish veterans along with their families participated in last year’s Wounded Warrior Week for the first time.

This year, we will repeat this success in honour of our veterans. Thanks to the support from ADBC member companies, 45 Danish veterans and their families will participate in Wounded Warrior Week 2018. And this year, in addition to military veterans, police veterans from both the U.S. and Denmark will be participating.

On June 5th, we will host a big celebration of the Danish Constitution Day at my residency and garden at the Danish Embassy. Last year’s inaugural Constitution Day Celebration was a great success, and we hope that this becomes an established mid-year tradition. At the Danish Constitution Day, we invite all the Embassy’s important stakeholders from the political world, U.S. government, non-profits and businesses along with our honourable veterans. This year, we are expecting over 800 guests. I am very much looking forward to seeing most of you on this great day.

The Embassy had many successful activities in April and May, and you can read about them in this newsletter. In particular, I want to highlight our EU Open House on May 12th, as I think we really managed to make a great promotion of Denmark, Danish Culture and Danish Businesses on this sunny day. We had almost 6,000 guests visiting the Danish Embassy to experience a huge LEGO playground for the kids, delicious food and cold beers for the grownups. More Danish companies participated in this event than ever before, including LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Kelsen, Flødeboller, Arla, Joe & the Juice.

Lastly, I want to share with you that the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Denmark has asked me to join their organization as Honorary President together with the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands. My expectation is that further developing the relationship between ADBC and AmCham will serve you as members in a variety of important ways. Economic diplomacy is part of the core mission at the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC. Whatever we do, we try to use our insights about and access to the political system in the United States to advance the commercial ties between Denmark and the United States. The American-Danish Business Council is an important part of that mission, and I believe that our cooperation with AmCham will strengthen our economic diplomacy efforts even more.

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear ADBC Members:

It is with pleasure that I share this ADBC Newsletter with you, which will provide insights on the past months for both the Embassy and ADBC.

The Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen, visited Washington D.C. and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas in the beginning of March. Minister Brian Mikkelsen engaged with political stakeholders and several ADBC member companies. I am delighted that we can help Danish and American companies advance their mutually beneficial objectives by leveraging official Danish government visits to the United States. Our goal in ADBC is to increase trade and direct investment between Denmark a


nd the United States. A Danish Minister can open doors, establish connections and create awareness of Denmark at a high level. And having ADBC members contributing with their competencies and knowledge in a specific market is a great asset. Together, we continuously make the ties between Denmark and the United States stronger.

On a different note, recent announcements about steel and aluminum tariffs have created uncertainty amongst many companies. It is of utmost importance for me to stress that we at the Embassy will do everything we can to keep you updated on this development. You should also feel free to reach out to us at any time.

On March 19th, ADBC had its annual board meeting at the Embassy of Denmark. The board evaluated 2017 activities and achievements and agreed that ADBC is providing its members high value in executing our core mission of strengthening trade and direct investment between Denmark and the United States. In 2018, the board wishes to focus on inviting and attracting new members throughout the U.S. to the organization and consolidating our current membership base. The opening of a new Danish innovation center in Boston will help further these initiatives.

Let me remind all ADBC members to mark their calendars as ADBC has several exciting events coming up in 2018. On May 12th, we open the Embassy of Denmark for the EU Open House. On June 5th, we host our yearly Constitution Day event alongside the annual General Assembly of ADBC.

I would like to conclude by thanking all of our members for a great start in 2018 with all the best wishes and hopes for a continued great collaboration in 2018.


Ambassador Lars Lose

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of American-Danish Business Council

As we start 2018 off with great expectations and high ambitions, it is with the greatest pleasure I share this ADBC newsletter with you.

A main priority for 2018 is the exciting establishments of Royal Consulates General in both Houston and Silicon Valley. I believe it is important to be present where demand is, which is why the two new additions to the Danish presence in the US will be a great starting point for future collaborations. You can read more on our new Trade Council in Houston here, in order to understand what the trade mission can do for you.

Another addition to the Danish presence in the US is the announcement of the World’s first tech Ambassador, Mr. Casper Klynge. As development continuously evolve and business is being increasingly digitized, I hosted an event in collaboration with Mr. Klynge at the residence in start December. The interest for the event was overwhelming, serving as a clear testimony to the fact that the tech ambassador is a crucial addition to the present diplomatic scene. Read more on Klynge and his team here, in order to gain insights to the new techplomacy initiative.

Before the Holidays, I had the great pleasure to host the Christmas Cocktail Party at the residence. Once again, let me give a warm thanks to American-Danish Business Council for not only the funding and sponsoring, but also taking great part in the event. It is a true reflection of the dedication and contribution made to the network during the year. It is with the greatest pleasure I host these events and gather all friends of the Embassy. Read more on the event here.

Returning from the Holidays, 2018 took off with high pace as I had the honor to welcome minister for food and environment, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen alongside with H.R.H. Princess Marie. During the visit, several activities revolved around reducing foodwaste, which you can read much more on here. This week I have the pleasure to welcome Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen to Washington DC, hosting a business luncheon for top tier Danish companies on the US market. As you can read more on here, the lunch was an important preparation for Mr. Samuelsen before his meeting with US Secretary of State, Mr. Rex Tillerson.

All members of ADBC can already now mark their calendar for the EU Open House on May 12th and the Danish Constitution Day celebration on June 5th. While we are fully busy with planning more activities to come, I look forward to seeing you throughout 2018. I am sure that the year will be another productive and fruitful one for ADBC, where we will reach new highs. We are off to a great start!


Ambassador Lars Lose

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear ADBC members,


Returning from the summer holidays, we have had some eventful months in September and October where several Danish Ministers and delegations visited Washington DC. It is with great pleasure that we host these visits at the Embassy as it shows the strong and important ties between Denmark and the United States.

In September we had the honor of welcoming both Danish Minister of Public Sector Innovation Ms. Sophie Løhde and Danish Minister of Environment & Food Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen. The focus of Minister Løhde’s visit was the digitization of the public sector in Denmark as well as exchanging views and knowledge with US stakeholders. Minister Lunde Larsen’s visit shed light on the issue of reducing food waste. In order to bring awareness to the project “Better Food for More People”, a food club was hosted at the residence to showcase how to reduce food waste.

In late October the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities & Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt visited the US. During the four-day visit, Minister Lilleholt went to Boston, New York, and Washington DC to promote Denmark as the front-runner of sustainable energy technologies and solutions. The combination of the cost-efficiency benefits of green energy and the ambitious sustainable climate goals of many American states along the east coast creates a great opportunity for cooperation. In order to trade experiences within sustainable energy, Minister Lilleholt met with key American stakeholders promoting insights and experiences. Read more about the workshop on district heating in Boston here , and the Champions of Wind event on offshore wind energy in the US Congress here.

On a social note, let me remind all ADBC members to mark their calendars for our Christmas Cocktail Party on December 7 at the residence. I hope to welcome all of you alongside with key political stakeholders in the US. I would like to conclude by thanking all our members for a great year in 2017, and with all the best wishes and hopes for 2018. I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year and look forward to continue the great collaboration in 2018.



Ambassador Lars Lose

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear ADBC members,

It gives me great pleasure to bring this update to you. The first half of 2017 is coming to an end and what a memorable 6 months it has been, with a great number of events and important visits celebrating and strengthening the ties between Denmark and the United States.

Following the visit by the Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussen, ADBC hosted a reception in Congress celebrating the close Danish-American ties with the Congressional Friends of Denmark caucus. We had the pleasure of again having caucus co-chair Congressman Hoyer attending along with Congressman Larsen and Congresswoman Plaskett. The event provided an excellent opportunity for the representatives to meet with Danish companies with interests in the United States, and it was great to see so many of you attending. You can read more about the event in this newsletter.

In continuation of our support of charitable causes, I recently attended the annual Warrior Week in Virginia Beach, which was kicked off with a reception hosted by the Governor of Virginia, Mr. Terry McAuliffe. In attendance was Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Mr. David Shulkin, Danish Minister of Defense, Mr. Claus Hjort Frederiksen, along with several ADBC members. Warrior Week is a week full of activities for wounded veterans, and we had several member companies providing generous donations in support of the Danish wounded veterans attending. The donations made it possible for them to make the trip from Denmark, and I am truly thrilled to experience such a commitment in supporting our wounded veterans. As part of the Warrior Week, I also had the joyful experience of skydiving alongside the Governor of Virginia, with us landing on the beach next to the main stage. It was truly an experience that will stick with me for a long time. You can read a lot more about Warrior Week in this newsletter.

Warrior Week was followed up by the Embassy’s new flagship event, our Constitution Day celebration. More than 600 people joined us for a night of celebration, including our wounded veterans. The evening had great speeches from our Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus co-chair Congressman Cole and our Minister of Defense, Mr. Claus Hjort Frederiksen; and last but not least an extraordinary speech by Jacob Panton representing the Danish veterans. It was great to see so many of you attend, and I hope you all had a wonderful night. You can find a lot of great pictures in this newsletter.

I would like to conclude by thanking all our members for a great first half of 2017 and I look forward to the second half of 2017 with great anticipation of the many events to come.

I wish you all a great summer.

Ambassador Lars Lose

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of American-Danish Business Council

It is with pleasure that I share this ADBC Newsletter with you, which will provide insights on the past eventful months for both the Embassy and ADBC.

In this issue, you can read more about the recent visits to D.C. by a number of members of the Danish government, including our Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen. The Danish Prime minister was just the 9th head of state to visit President Trump, which underscores the excellent Trans-Atlantic relationship Denmark and the U.S. share. On the day of his visit to the White House, the Prime Minister visited the Capitol to meet with both Senators and Members of Congress. Following these meetings and just prior to the Prime Minister meeting with President Trump, ADBC had organized a business luncheon with ADBC members for a discussion about business opportunities in the U.S. It was a great opportunity for the ADBC members and the Prime Minister alike.

ADBC also organized a successful and entertaining Danish Heritage Night with the Washington Capital, where I, in the presence of ADBC members and Congressman Hoyer, watched the Capitals win a thrilling game. We have also awarded this year’s winner of the Transatlantic Company of the Year Award in collaboration with AmCham at this year’s Transatlantic Business Summit in Copenhagen. You can read more and see pictures from both events in this newsletter.

Looking ahead ADBC have several exciting events coming up, the first being a reception May 18th in Congress celebrating the close Danish-American ties with the Congressional Friends of Denmark. The event will provide a great opportunity to meet with members of the Caucus as well as tasting excellent beer provided by Danish microbrewery Evil Twin. I encourage all members to participate in what will surely be an exciting evening.
Finally, I look forward to seeing a lot of you for our coming event in June. Firstly, in Virginia Beach for the Wounded Warriors event and then at the celebration of the Danish Constitution Day June 5th in my Residence This new annual event will be a great night of celebration and is an event I truly look forward to. You can read more about it in this newsletter.

As we’re nearing the halfway point of the year, I look back at some of the great events I have had the pleasure of attending and ahead with great anticipation of the many more events to come.

Ambassador Lars Lose

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of American-Danish Business Council


As 2017 gets underway and winter turns to spring, it is with great pleasure to share this ADBC Newsletter with you.

In this issue you can read about a fundraising event we hosted last week in the residence to support the Danish Chef Claus Meyer’s social development program. The evening was a great success. I believe that supporting programs to help people in need while promoting meaningful events for ADBC members, is incredibly rewarding.

This will not be the only charity event we hold this year. In June ADBC will host a reception to support a group of wounded Danish veterans who will be attending the “2017 Warrior Week” in Virginia Beach, VA. The week-long program will be full of activities that challenge them physically and mentally. You can read more about this exciting week and the ADBC reception in the newsletter.

This year we have also re-established the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus in the 115th Congress. This caucus provides an excellent platform to promote and strengthen the commercial ties between Denmark and the United States which I am certain is of great benefit to all ADBC members. An event is already planned for May 18. I hope that you will join me then by celebrating our strong Danish–American ties with a tasting of Danish beers and food and an opportunity to meet the members of the Caucus.

Finally, I would like to invite you to our upcoming “Danish Heritage Night” on March 14 at the Washington Capitals hockey game against the Minnesota Wild at Verizon Center. The night will recognize Lars Eller, a Danish player on the Caps’ team, as well as night of exciting hockey. You can find more information on how to attend in this newsletter.

These are just some of the upcoming events for ADBC members. I look forward to seeing you at these and other events this year. I am sure that 2017 will be another productive and fruitful year for ADBC. We are off to a great start!

Ambassador Lars Lose

Happy Holidays: Greetings From the Ambassador

Dear Members of American-Danish Business Council


It’s a pleasure for me to share this newsletter with you upon the end of 2016. 2016 has certainly been a great year for the American-Danish Business Council. With support from our board and our members, we have made tremendous progress. To name a few of our positive accomplishments, since fall 2015 ADBC has seen a member increase of 45 %, our amount of events and activities has doubled, and we have enhanced our member’s access to Congress by providing them the opportunity to attend events with the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus.

Last month, I was delighted to see several ADBC members participating in ADBC’s Annual Meeting on board the Danish Frigate HDMS Peter Willemoes in Baltimore. Also, this month I had the pleasure of hosting ADBC’s Board of Directors for our Board Meeting. In order to ensure continued growth and positive development of ADBC, a strategic priority for 2017 will be to plan activities of high quality that create value to ADBC members.

A look back at 2016 also includes the Presidential Elections. The outcome of the elections both brings new opportunities and challenges to Danish and U.S. companies. In ADBC we will continue and even strengthen our work with the new administration in order to sustain and develop the close relationship between Denmark and the U.S.

It has truly been a great year, and I am glad that I got to meet most of our members during the events in 2016. I am looking forward to engaging in several remarkable events again in 2017. All of these events contribute to one of my most vital priorities as Danish Ambassador; to ensure that the commercial relations between Denmark and the Unites States are as strong as possible.

On these words I wish to thank all of you for your valuable engagement and contribution in 2016. I am looking forward to continuing this important work in 2017. Until then I wish you all happy holidays.

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear members,

It has indeed been a very busy month of September at the Embassy. In this newsletter we invite you to read about our latest activities.

Under the headline “Innovating Through Business Partnerships”, Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince Couple of Denmark together with the Minister for Business and Growth and the Minister for Environment and Food led a business delegation of almost 60 different Danish companies on an export promotional trip to Washington, D.C. and Boston.

We have been working on this export promotional tour for many months, and I am extremely grateful to see ADBC members and all the other companies, guests of companies, the organizers, and of course Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince Couple and the Ministers taking part in making the export promotional tour an unforgettable success. I want to thank all ADBC members in particular for contributing to this landmark event. Below you can read more about the royal visit and find some pictures from the events.

To name a few of our great activities, we started out with a welcoming reception at the Residence with the purpose to inaugurate our new art exhibition in the Residence. The first part of the export promotional tour was officially kicked off with an opening event held in U.S. Chamber of Commerce with great success. Before taking off to Boston, we had an amazing Grand Ball held at Smithsonian’s Arts and Industry Building – a wonderful evening in truly beautiful surroundings. In Boston we were delighted to invite our delegation to a range of sector events as well as a unique business luncheon in the State House, hosted by the Governor of Massachusetts, Charlie Baker.

The U.S. is a highly pivotal market for Denmark, and as Embassy it is one of our finest duties to support our talented companies in their activities on the U.S. market and to enhance the contact between Danish companies and their U.S. stakeholders.

Before the export promotional tour I was honoured to welcome some of Denmark’s soldiers wounded in war at a reception here at the Residence. Together we visited Ground Zero in New York in memory of 9/11, where after the soldiers continued their U.S. trip. It was a pleasure to experience the support from ADBC members including the financial support from ADBC to make this visit possible.

By these remarks I would like to conclude with a look towards the last part of 2016. I am delighted to know that we have several interesting ADBC activities coming up. Especially in November, as the Danish frigate Peter Willemoes arrives in Baltimore to take part in an exercise with a U.S. carrier group. On that occasion we naturally take the opportunity to showcase Danish interests onboard the frigate and invite all our ABDC members to experience this frigate while in Baltimore. More info to follow shortly.

I wish you all best,

Ambassador Lars Gert Lose