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Exclusive Dinner on Security Policy & Foreign Military Sales

On Oct 6th, the Ambassador of Denmark to the US, in cooperation with the American-Danish Business Council, hosted a dinner in the Ambassador’s residence. The dinner was organized on the occasion of the visit from Brigadier General Kristian Ishoj, Deputy Commander of the Danish Defense Acquisition & Logistics Organization (DALO).

Prior to the dinner themed around security policy & foreign military sales, guests were invited to network amongst each other with high-ranking government officials from DALO, DSCA, SAF IA, State Dept, NIPO, US Embassy in Denmark and more. The members from the ADBC in the defense industrial base were also attending this night with many Danish and American leading companies.

During the event, the Ambassador highlighted the importance of our two nations’ mutual commitment to protect our shared values and ways of living. After, the director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, Ms. Heidi Grant, provided her remarks on our cooperation and how foreign military sales can boost those relationships and interoperability. Finally, BG Kristian Ishoj shared his thoughts on the current situation and went on to explain the danish government’s military industrial cooperation strategy.

After the presentations, guests were invited to ask questions and further discuss issues of security policy while enjoying a seated dinner.

Thank you to all who attended. It was indeed lovely to able to host an in-person event again.

In-person ADBC Board Meeting

This week, the American-Danish Business Council had its first physical board meeting in over a year and with a new Board constituted it was a welcomed pleasure to be able to meet in person again. With the new Board fully in place, the ADBC is looking forward to its leadership in shaping the direction of the Council to going forward.

At the meeting, Ambassador Wisborg addressed the current situation where Covid seems to loosen its grip on society and restrictions are easing. This means that the ADBC is now able to go back to our usual activities of hosting in-person events with high-level engagement and networking opportunities for our members. We expect that the fall will bring a number of high-level official visits from Denmark, and the ADBC will focus on coupling to events in the Council. There are many important issues to address (e.g. global health issues, green transition and sustainability, global supply chains, the Arctic region, and much more).

The Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus is now established in the 117th Congress. The long-time co-chair, Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer will continue as the co-chair, while Congressman, Fred Upton has joined as the republican co-chair. The ADBC hope to be able to host a relaunch celebration when possible.

The Board additionally discussed avenues for engagement in the fall and agreed that it will be good going back to our usual activities to maximise value for the members. The Council remains fully committed to the interest of the members and the Board is open to any inputs from members. Please reach out to the Secretariat for any inputs.

The Board of Directors in the ABDC now include:

– Lone Dencker Wisborg, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States

– Douglas Morgante, Maersk Inc

Board members
– Paul Espinosa, ROCKWOOL
– Jeffrey Telep, King & Spalding
– Louis Dupuis, Lockheed Martin
– Manan Shah, Leo Pharma
– Gill Stevens, Novo Nordisk
– Pamela Venzke, Orsted
– Kirsten Skala, Novozymes


Relaunch of Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus

This month, Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer and Congressman Fred Upton formally relaunched the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus.

The Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus is a network for elected officials in the U.S. Congress who are particularly interested in discussing points of interest related to the American-Danish relationship. The Caucus works to enhance and enrich the ties between our two nations, highlighting issues of mutual concern and supporting cultural, social, economic, and political ties between the US and Denmark. In the ADBC, we hope to celebrate the relaunch later in the year as we return to our usual in-person activities in the fall.

As a long-time member and Democratic Co-chair, Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer is a familiar face in the caucus. With the relaunch, Rep. Hoyer will continue to serve as the co-chair alongside the new Republican co-chair Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan. The co-chairs are currently in the process of recommitting caucus members from the previous Congress.

Co-Chair: Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland’s 5th District

After serving as member and president of the Maryland Senate for a number of years, Congressman Hoyer was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1981. As a member of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee and two-time House Majority Leader, he has enjoyed many years of experience in the heart of US politics. Prior to his Congressional leadership role, he was a member of the influential Appropriations Committee. He is a longtime friend of Denmark and has been the Chair of the Congressional Friends of Denmark Caucus since its inception. In 2009, he was made Knight of the prestigious Order of the Dannebrog by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

Co-Chair: Congressman Fred Upton, Michigan’s 6th District

Congressman Fred Upton worked under Ronald Reagan in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) before he was elected to Congress in 1986. He is a strong advocate for public health, as a member on the Health Subcommittee, and has long pushed for a greater emphasis on biomedical research to improve public health. As a member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce he has an “all of the above” approach to energy and focuses on emerging clean technologies. His bipartisan approach on committees has resulted in over 200 legislative measures being signed into law. He currently serves as the ranking member of the Subcommittee on Energy.


Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of the American-Danish Business Council,

At the end of 2020, I reflected on the year; how it had been an extraordinarily different and challenging time– and yet despite it all, how many great things we managed to achieve together. Exports to the US were on a rise, and I am hopeful that the transatlantic partnerships on trade and investments are continuing this momentum going forward.

While 2021 is characterized by hope and optimism, the year began with a rocky start here in Washington DC when the world grinded to a halt as we all watched, in disbelief, the fundamental values of democracy under attack with rioters storming the United States Capitol. Fortunately, democracy prevailed and only just a few short weeks later, I found myself sitting in the very same location, taking part in the inauguration of Joseph Biden, the 46th President of the United States. I personally feel a great sense of honor and humbleness for being able to participate in this historic moment and to represent Denmark in doing so.

As the Biden Administration moves into its fourth month, it is clear that emphasis remains on controlling the pandemic, restarting the economy and re-establishing US commitments to international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement. The Administration’s increased interest in the green agenda and transition to sustainable energy models for our societies is something that I also strongly advocate for on behalf of Denmark and Danish companies. Denmark is ready to be a strong partner and source of knowledge for our US government colleagues with successful green solutions and transition models from Danish companies.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the delivery of the very first F-35 fighter aircraft acquired by the Royal Danish Air Force. I had the pleasure of attending the roll-out ceremony myself and must say that it was quite a sight to see such modern marvel of technology resulting from decades of development and cooperation between allied nations’ companies, including multiple member companies of ADBC.

I am hopeful we will soon see the end of this centennial pandemic with the worldwide roll out of Covid-19 vaccines, enabling us to re-start our economies, businesses and personal lives. As the US is getting closer to reopen, I look forward to welcoming all ADBC members back to the Embassy and to resuming our many activities. There are so many important issues to address together.

Yours sincerely,
Lone Dencker Wisborg
Ambassador of Denmark to the U.S.

Denmark receives the first F-35 Fighter Aircraft

On Wednesday, April 7th, Denmark and the US celebrated the roll out of the very first of 27 highly anticipated F-35 fighter aircrafts acquired by the Royal Danish Air Force. The first aircraft with the tale number L-001 was handed over at the Lockheed Martin production facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Indeed, a historic day for Denmark and Danish Defence who joined the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program back in 2002.

Present at the high-profile ceremony were representatives from the Royal Danish Air Force, US Air Force, Ambassador Wisborg, ADBC members Lockheed Martin, Terma, Multicut, among many others. Danish Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen, attended virtually, where she noted: “With the reception of the F-35 we will strengthen our ability to protect Denmark side-by-side with the United States. The implementation of the F-35 will be the absolute focus for the Danish Defence in the coming decades.”

The F-35 is the most advanced fighter aircraft in modern history and presents a great milestone in the long and continuous cooperation between Denmark and the United States. The F-35 project is considered one of the world’s largest industrial projects and has commanded major investments in industrial cooperation among the global alliance partners and will continue to create numerous jobs for decades to come.

New Co-Chair in the ADBC

After more than 15 years of devotedly serving the American-Danish Business Council, our Co-Chair of the ADBC, Steve Williams, has decided to step aside to give room for another to shape the direction and priorities of the ADBC.

We would like to express our sincerest gratefulness for Steve’s tremendous work with the ADBC throughout the many years. Steve has been instrumental in getting the Council to where we are today, bringing our two nations closer and moving forward together, while building a unique platform for the voices of our business communities to be heard. We wish Steve all the best, and we hope to be able to continue working with him in the Council in another capacity going forward.

In accordance to existing bylaws, a vote on the board occurred on March 23, 2021 to designate a replacement for the Co-Chair function. We are now happy to announce that, with a unanimous vote in favor, the board have appointed existing board member of the ADBC, Douglas Morgante, VP of U.S. Government Relations for Maersk, as the new Co-Chair in the council.

About his new role, Douglas says: “I look forward to working with Ambassador Wisborg and the entire ADBC membership to achieve the Council’s goals and increase business development between our two countries.  We will build upon the longstanding history and tradition of strong relations between Denmark and the United States.”

We congratulate Douglas on his new function and we look much forward to his leadership alongside with the ADBC Chair, Ambassador Wisborg. There are so many important issues to address and with so many developments and opportunities in the transatlantic partnership, and not least with the gradual reopening of our societies, we are gearing up for exciting times in the ADBC.

ADBC and AmCham Denmark host Executive Briefing with Ambassador Lone Wisborg

On Monday, March 8, the American-Danish Business Council, in partnership with AmCham Denmark, hosted a virtual executive briefing for their members. A key note was provided by H. E. Lone Wisborg, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States. The Ambassador provided unique insights and perspectives on the latest developments in the US as well as on the bilateral economic relationship between Denmark and the US.

Starting off the briefing, the Ambassador reflected on the first weeks of Biden’s Presidency where she noted him for being an activist president in many aspects with already 41 executive orders signed, since taking office in January. Besides the new Administration’s first priority of putting an end to the pandemic and getting the economy back on track, the American interest for the green transition with sustainable solutions is rapidly increasing, and with the US re-joining the Paris Agreement, it is indeed exciting times for danish companies.

After the briefing, members were invited to direct questions to the Ambassador. Many great questions were received from the audience, opening up for even more discussions on topics from trade policy between EU and the US, Buy American, and to US tax regulation and the Embassy’s role in supporting the Danish companies going forward.

We would like to thank the Ambassador for providing insights into the early phases of the Biden Administration, as well as providing an outlook for the year to come.

Finally, we want to thank AmCham Denmark for a great event and for all members who participated.

Join us for an Executive Briefing with H.E. Lone Wisborg, Ambassador of DK to the US

The American-Danish Business Council, in partnership with Amcham Denmark, will be hosting an Executive Briefing with H.E. Lone Wisborg, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States on March 8, 2021.

The Ambassador will provide thoughts on Biden’s first weeks in office; expectations and opportunities on the green transition agenda, as well as other timely developments. Afterwards, members will have the opportunity to enter into dialogue with the Ambassador and AmCham Denmark through a Q&A session moderated by Steven Brugger, Executive Director of AmCham Denmark.

Date:  March 8, 2021
Time:  09am to 10am EST
Place: Microsoft Teams

To read more and register for this event, please Click Here

 We look much forward to a great discussion.

ADBC Kicks off the year with Briefing with Rufus Gifford

On Monday, January 11, the American-Danish Business Council kicked off the new year with an exclusive members-only virtual briefing with Ambassador Rufus Gifford, Deputy Campaign Manager for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign, and former United States Ambassador to Denmark.

The Danish Ambassador to the US, Lone Wisborg, opened the event by greeting all members welcome to a new year in the ADBC. The Ambassador additionally addressed the recent events that transpired at the US Capitol where riots entered the US Congress building.

Next, Ambassador Rufus Gifford provided his thoughts on the uprisings and went on to give his insights and expectations toward the incoming Biden-administration. Finally, all members had the opportunity to ask questions to Ambassador Rufus Gifford, where NATO, the Arctic, and the bilateral relationship between Europe and the US, amongst many other topics, were discussed.

Thank you to all who attended this briefing. We look forward to many more events in 2021.

Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Members of the American Danish Business Council,

2020. That is a year I will hardly forget! It has been a year that in many ways feels like a whole decade, while at the same time, as if it passed by in an instant. Many things have transpired this year, and while it has indeed been quite challenging at times, I look back on a year that marks many great successes and accomplishments. 2020 was the year where working from home and interacting virtually became the new norm for most of us. But also, where solidarity and community spirit would bring us together to protect the most vulnerable in our societies.

The year started off not unlike many others, and the bilateral economic relationship was looking stronger than ever with the U.S. recently being declared Denmark’s largest export market. In the ADBC, we were ready for a year with great activities and engagement, not least our flagship events here at the Embassy, and with the upcoming Presidential Election in the fall, it was looking to be an eventful year. Little did we know that a global pandemic would strike us all and so radically change how we live our lives and interact with each other. However, while the pandemic left all of us in great uncertainty, we learned and found ways to navigate the situation, and I am confident that together we will come out even stronger.

Going into 2021, I am optimistic that we will be able to get back to a new normal and we will continue strengthening the ties between the U.S. and Denmark. Certainly, the eyes will be on the President Elect and the formation of a new U.S. Administration in the beginning of the year, and we will closely follow the transition period and look for opportunities for Denmark and the U.S. to work together. The change in leadership in the U.S. and expectations toward President Elect Biden are naturally something that greatly occupies the interest of the business community that is ever-eager to further the close relationship between our two nations. The ADBC will make it a priority to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and interaction in this regard.

Despite recent spikes in Covid cases, both in Denmark and here in the U.S., I hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. With the holidays awaiting just around the corner it is time to wrap up the year, slow down a bit, and unwind before the next. I believe we all need this a little extra this year. I look much forward to next year and to be able to meet you all in person again soon.

Yours sincerely,
Lone Dencker Wisborg
Ambassador of Denmark to the U.S.