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Ambassador Lose visits the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark

On September 25th, Ambassador Lose met with senior executive members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark for an informal discussion about US national politics, trade politics and the relationship between Denmark and the US. The American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark is – just like the American-Danish Business Council on this side of the Atlantic – an organisation of both Danish and American companies. Ambassador Lose recently became Honary President of the American Chamber of Commerce along with the US Ambassador to Denmark, Ms. Carla Sands.

Welcome to Deputy Chief of Mission, Henrik Bramsen Hahn

In September, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC welcomed our new Deputy Chief of Mission, Henrik Bramsen Hahn.

Henrik has a long career within the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he has held several positions both in Denmark and abroad. Before coming to Washington DC, Henrik served as Denmark’s Ambassador to Mexico, which is a position covering most of the Central American region. Previously, Henrik has served as Denmark’s Ambassador to Afghanistan and Argentina, as a Political Counsellor at Denmark’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.


Welcome to Defence, Military, Naval, and Air Attaché, Rear Admiral Martin LaCour

In September, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC welcomed Denmark’s new Defence, Military, Naval, and Air Attaché, Rear Admiral Martin LaCour. Admiral LaCour has a background in the Danish Navy and has the Danish Department of Defence in several positions in Denmark and abroad. Before coming to Washington DC, Admiral LaCour has served as Denmark’s Defence Advisor to NATO and the EU in Brussels, Defence Attaché to the United Kingdom, and special advisor to the Danish Prime Minister.

Welcome to Maritime Advisor, Malte Kofoed Søndergaard

In September, the Embassy of Denmark in Washington DC welcomed our new Maritime Advisor, Malte Kofoed Søndergaard.

For the last four years, Malte worked at the Danish Maritime Authority focusing on maritime business policies and was part of the team developing the Danish Government’s Growth Plan for Denmark’s maritime cluster. Moreover, Malte has been involved in the Danish Maritime Authority’s international cooperation, especially with a focus on West Africa.

At the Embassy Malte will be the main responsible for the political dialogue on maritime affairs between Denmark and the United States and closely follow policy developments in areas of importance to the maritime sector, including Jones Act, trade policy, sanctions, infrastructure etc.


Great fall activities for American-Danish Young Professionals

On September 27th, The Danish-American Business Council, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce joined forces and organised a networking opportunity for our young professionals. Once again, we experienced great support and high attendance, as about 60 young professionals met for conversation and after-work drinks. ADBC’s young professionals network now has +100 members, and great activities planned for the fall.

Please spread the word, if you are aware of young professionals in the DC area who would like to join the network. One can join the network here:


Upcoming events for American-Danish Young Professionals:

November 1st: DIS Alumni Reception at the Danish Embassy

Every year, the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) sends 1200 American students to study abroad in Copenhagen. The American-Danish Young Professionals will host a reception for local (DC area) DIS alumni at the Danish Embassy.


November 7th: Visit at the World Bank

In cooperation with the Swedish and Norwegian young professional networks, we invite our young professionals to meet the World Bank’s Nordic and Baltic Executive Directory.


December 13th: Danish Christmas Lunch

Members of the Danish-American Young Professionals are invited to a traditional Danish Christmas Lunch, celebrating Danish food and traditions.


Visit by Foreign Minister and Opening of Consulate General in Houston

Foreign Minister Samuelsen opens new Consulate General of Denmark in Houston, Texas

On May 2nd 2018, a new Consulate General of Denmark opened in Houston, Texas. The “Lone Star State” is the 10th biggest economy in the world with 28 million people.

“With the new Consulate General in Houston, we want to make a concrete difference for Danish companies that want to export to the region. The economic growth in Houston and Texas is significant and there are huge opportunities for Danish companies”, the newly appointed Consulate General, Jacob Vind, explains.

Before his appointment as Consul General, Jacob Vind worked for the Danish Trade Council in Silicon Valley as the Head of the Water Technology Alliance in North America.

  • The potential for exporting Danish products and technologies to Texas is obvious as several beneficiary conditions create opportunities for Danish companies:
  • Wind: Texas is the largest producer of wind energy in the US. A windy climate and a vast and modernised transmission network create ideal conditions for windmill production in Texas.
  • Life Science: Texas is at the forefront of advancing life sciences: The Texas Medical Center in Houston is the largest medical complex in the world with more than 100.000 employees and substantial investments.
  • Maritime sector: The Port of Houston, which serves the metropolitan area of Houston, is one of the largest ports in the US and is a focal point for shipping between North and South America.
  • Water: Texas will invest 60 billion dollars in water infrastructure during the next 50 years.
  • Oil and gas: Texas is known as a capital of oil and gas production and currently hosts more than 5000 companies working with fossil fuel energy.
  • Tech and innovation: Austin, Texas is already an epicentre for IT companies. The new Consulate General will work with the Danish Tech Ambassador to take advantage of the growing opportunities for Danish tech companies willing to work in Texas.

The opening of the Consulate General is part of the Danish Government’s goal of a bigger reach throughout the US, which is Denmark’s third largest export market and the largest outside Europe.

6000 visitors at EU Open House!

On May 12th 2018 from 10am to 4pm the Embassy of Denmark opened its doors to the public along with embassies of other EU Member States. This year the Embassy of Denmark and the Representation of Greenland had the pleasure of welcoming a record number of visitors.

The EU Open House is a highlight of the Washington spring calendar and is a unique opportunity for residents or visitors of Washington DC to learn about the national heritage and cultural traditions of the EU member countries. The EU Open House is organised by the Delegation of the European Union to the United States. The Embassy of Denmark expected 3-4000 visitors, but almost 6000 visitors climbed the hilly Whitehaven Street to learn more about Denmark and Greenland.

The main theme for this year was “Hygge”. Visitors could enjoy Danish delicacies from the Ambassador’s Chef, tour the Ambassador’s Residence, watch a new photo exhibition by acclaimed Danish artist Tove Dehn, try a bike course, snap photos in a booth with classic Danish backdrops, or listen to the live performance of “The Little Mermaids” – a band consisting of three employees at the Danish Embassy.

Kelsen handed out cookies and “Flødeboller” handed out flødeboller – a Chocolate-coated marshmallow treat – to the great excitement of the visitors. LEGO set up a playground where children (and adults) advanced the endless building opportunities the famous LEGO-bricks offer. Novo Nordisk handed out jumping ropes to make awareness of the crucial importance of exercise to combat diabetes. Joe & The Juice served delicious and refreshing smoothies and sold out after only four hours. Arla provided quality cheeses and snacks for guests who took the residence tours.

From the ADBC Secretariat and the Embassy, we want to thank everyone involved.


Signing of Wastewater Flagship Project in Chicago

In April, The Danish Minister of Environment and Food visited Chicago to meet with Deputy Governor of Illinois Leslie Munger and Deputy Mayor of Chicago Robert S. Rivkin.

One purpose of the trip was to promote Danish water solutions. A significant upgrade of the aging and troubled water infrastructure in the US is needed – investments of around $743 billion over the next 20 years according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. There is a big potential for Danish companies – which have excelled in optimizing both drinking water and wastewater technology – to be part of that.

The Minister also had the chance to meet with the Danish Water Technology Alliance, which has been very successful in cooperating with US water utilities. The Water Technology Alliance provides a full range of services to Danish water technology companies that wish either to enter the North American market or to further grow their US presence and activities. The alliance organise workshops, country-to-country fact-finding missions, an engage in general collaboration and knowledge sharing with US water and wastewater utilities.

While being in Chicago, the Minister of Environmental and Food had the chance to participate in the signing of a new wastewater Flagship Project between the Water Technology Alliance and Downers Grove Sanitary District. The agreement recognized the new wastewater treatment centre as Flagship with regards to optimization of processes, using Danish methods and technologies energy optimization. Plant processes will be retrofitted according to Danish experiences and workflows and contain Danish components whenever possible and feasible. For each individual work process in the project, DGSD will enter into sub contracts with the respective Danish companies.

District signs Wastewater Flagship Project agreement with Water Technology Alliance

A New Chapter in Danish-American Cultural collaboration

We are pleased to announce that Denmark on May 3rd launched a new cultural strategy focusing on the United States. The inauguration of this new chapter of exchange between Denmark and the USA took place at the Nordic Museum in Seattle. HRH the Crown Princess, Mary, and the Foreign Minister of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen, spearheaded the initiative.

By this initiative, The Danish Ministry for Culture seeks to support cultural and art export to American citizens beyond Washington D.C and New York. Therefore, the activities coming from this strategy will focus on Seattle, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago. The intention is to get in touch with local actors and communities and help facilitate opportunities for Danish artists throughout the United States.

In Seattle, the Danish Foreign Minister officially launched the first concrete project, a collaboration between the Seattle-based radio, KEXP, and Music Export Denmark (MXD) about promotion of Danish artists. KEXP has dedicated listeners worldwide. MXD supports Danish artists to travel to  Seattle, and KEXP will also report from Danish music festivals over the summer.

The cultural strategy is already off to an impressive start with many more exciting opportunities ahead in the next three years.

Ambassador Lars Lose becomes Honorary President of American Chamber of Commerce

Recently, the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark has decided to include both the Danish Ambassador to the US, Lars Lose, and the US Ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, as Honorary Presidents.

Over the time, ADBC has developed a valuable cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, and this assignment in a welcoming opportunity to grow even closer and explore opportunities that will benefit members of both organisations.

ADBC is both working to promote Danish companies in the US and American companies in Denmark, and ADBC shares AmCham’s mission to advocate for competitive business, facilitate knowledge exchange between the US and Denmark, and to provide a forum where international business and political leaders can engage with each other.

“Economic diplomacy is part of the core business at the Danish Embassy in Washington, DC. Whatever we do, we try to use our insights about and access to the political system in the United States to advance the commercial ties between Denmark and the United States. The American-Danish Business Council is an important part of that and I believe that our cooperation with AmCham can strengthen our economic diplomacy efforts even more,” says Ambassador Lose.