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Juneau, Alaska on Denmark’s radar for district heat plans

A proposed district heating project in Juneau has captured the attention of the Danish District Energy Alliance.

On April 15-16, The Danish District Energy Alliance, represented by Senior Advisor, Jakob Bjerregaard from the Embassy of Denmark in Washington D.C. and Miha Kavcic from the Danfoss Heating in North America, visited the Alaskan Capital, Juneau, to learn about and discuss an upcoming district heating project for the city.

The Alliance gave a presentation to the legislature in Juneau about the history and current operation of Denmark’s successful district heating systems, and the opportunities lying ahead for Juneau and Alaska.

Later that week the new House Bill 143 – which passed both in the House and the Senate – authorized the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority to issue up to $120 million in conduit issuance bonds to finance Juneau Hydropower’s hydroelectric project at Sweetheart Lake. In addition to supplying power to Kensington Mine, the project also includes a sea-water heat-pump connected to a district heating system for downtown Juneau.

After having read about these developments the Danish District Energy Alliance decided to showcase the possibilities that the Danish District Energy Alliance could offer to the citizens of Juneau.

Denmark has a long standing history within district heating as Embassy representative Mr Jakob Bjerregaard explained in an interview to KTOO.

“We’ve had district energy in Denmark for 110 years and we’ve developed it quite heavily, and now we’re trying to bring these world class solutions to North America”.

When asked about the benefits related to adopting district energy heating in Alaska, Mr Bjerregaard explained:
“There’s quite a few. Of course, you’d expect the heat cost to go down because oil is pretty expensive. There’s the convenience of not having to maintain an oil boiler etc. The air quality in the city will be better, and the general economic development in the city; you will basically keep the money in the community instead of sending it to oil companies outside of the city and the state.”

This is the first step of many a confident Mr. Bjerregaard concludes “There’s already some district energy systems in Alaska. They’re a little bit more “old-school,” you could say; they are steam-based, whereas we are trying to bring a more modern hot water based solution to the state. I think we’ll find some more projects up here, definitely.

Currently the city of Juneau, as with many other Alaskan cities and communities, is supplied by electricity from hydro power, but mainly heated by oil that is shipped in.

DAF Award presented to CEO of LEGO Group

The first annual Danish American Frontier Award was awarded Sunday April 3rd 2016 at an inaugural ceremony in San Francisco.
The award is presented to a person or group of persons who have distinguished themselves by their actions, exploration or presence in areas of leadership, business, commerce, service, science, technology, invention, arts or humanitarian ventures.

Being issued for the first time since its recent creation the award was given to Jørgen Vig Knudstorp from the LEGO Group. Jørgen Knudstorp and the LEGO Group were recognised for the work LEGO Group has done to build essential 21st century skills. The LEGO Group inspires and develops the builders of tomorrow and more than 17,000 colleagues around the world work every day to bring fun and creative LEGO experiences to children all over the world.

The statuette was unveiled at the Gala-event at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins by His Excellency Ambassador Lars Gert Lose, and presented to The Frontiersman, by the Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science, Ulla Tørnæs.

For more information about the award please visit:

SelectUSA Summit 2016 looking for Danish Delegates

Repeating on their success in 2015, where the U.S. President Barrack Obama inaugurated the summit, SelectUSA is proud to announce another summit this year.

This year’s summit will be held June 19-21, 2016, in Washington, D.C. This year’s theme is “The Innovation Advantage” and will feature investment opportunities from every corner of the United States for global investors. SelectUSA in collaboration with the Danish Trade Council is therefore encouraging all of its Danish members to attend the summit in order to gain practical tools, information, and connections they need to move investments forward.

More information on the summit can be found on the following link:

If you are interested in participating in the summit please reserve a place with Sabina Kroigaard

Paving the way for the Danish District Energy Alliance

On the Energy Front

The Danish District Energy Alliance attended the Campus Energy Conference by the International District Energy Association (IDEA) in Austin from 8th-12th February 2016. The ambition was to high-light the benefits of hot-water district heating as compared to US-style legacy steam systems found on many campuses throughout the continent.

On Monday evening the Danish Alliance hosted a Hot-Water summit with participation from Danish industry leaders and a number of notable North American universities a.o. Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Toronto, all of whom have concrete plans for building hot-water district heating systems.

Danish and Swedish Climate and Energy Professionals convening Washington State

Through our April 11-14, 2016 Climate and Energy Convening of Washington state, Danish and Swedish professionals i-SUSTAIN are providing an opportunity to do something different and meaningful — a bi-directional sharing of actionable knowledge between influential public, business and NGO leaders from Washington state, Denmark and Sweden who are all pursuing climate and energy goals. Our approach is collaborative and interactive in which everyone who participates is a partner and the content reflects tangible real-life experience that is meaningful in comparison.

Through our discussions, the following key themes have emerged:
1) Combined Heat and Power and District Energy (including heating and cooling)
2) Creating a Better Urban Environment
3) Electrification of the Transportation Sector
4) Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
5) Managing Grid Operations with High Percentages of Multiple Intermittent Sources
6) Community Energy Stories

To sign up and for a complete description and table of themes that will be discussed please follow this link:

Joint article in The Hill by Ambassador L. Lose and CEO of Danish Industry K. Dybvad

Excerpt from article written by Lars Lose Denmark’s ambassador to the United States & Karsten Dybvad President and CEO of the Confederation of Danish Industry for The Hill.

TTIP – economic growth, liberalism and democracy
Last week, the 12th round of negotiations on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the United States and the European Union took place in Brussels.

TTIP is a great opportunity for the U.S. and EU to create growth and jobs as well as further investments across the Atlantic. The ambition is an agreement unprecedented in scope and depth. Even though tariffs on Transatlantic trade are already fairly modest compared to many other regions, there are still considerable gains to be made by a further reduction or complete elimination.

Denmark is among the strongest TTIP supporters in the European Union. In fact, labour unions and employer organisations as well as a large majority of the population are united in the support for TTIP.

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Taking on California’s drought with Danish water solutions

Exploring new territory.

The Trade Council of Denmark has launched a new initiative with the establishment of an additional  Water Technology Alliance (WTA) in California.

Danish Water companies are hoping to enter the U.S. market through California. They view this as a mutually beneficial venture as California has been suffering from drought for the past 4 years. Californian authorities are intent on increasing their sustainable water solutions and the Danish Water Technology Alliance is seeking to fulfil that need.

A grant of DKK4.1 billion from the Danish Industry Foundation to Aarhus Water has been allocated to pave the way for a number of Danish companies in the water technology hoping to get a foot into California. The initiative is set to create up to 4000 new jobs in the region.

“We are already active in the United States and have experience from other sustainable water projects, for example from Chicago, where we share knowledge about wastewater technology” said CEO Lars Schroeder from Aarhus Water.If the project proceeds with the desired effect of facilitating close business cooperation and increased export, we hope that the projects methodology can be transferred to other branches and areas.

Citations take from: Jakob Andersen Trade Commissioner and Consul General, Chicago

For a press release information click on the following link: ( The article is in Danish.

Diplomatic briefing

Organization for International Investment– diplomatic briefing

The Trade Council participated in a briefing on issues impacting U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies on Friday November 6th. The Trade Council regularly monitors the latest developments and tendencies so as best to provide proper council for its customers – not least the member companies of ADBC.

OFII works to ensure non-discriminatory treatment of U.S. subsidiaries of global companies by identifying problematic bills and leading efforts to defeat these measures. OFII’s state work generally covers two different types of proposals: those that would impose extraterritorial double taxation or mandate domestic content requirements in state procurement markets. Defeating these bills keeps states attractive to the Foreign Direct Investment. In addition, OFII educates lawmakers about FDI’s economic benefits and is a resource to state officials in their global business recruitment efforts.

This particular briefing touched on several important subjects, among them, tax implications for foreign subsidiaries, developing tendencies on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans Pacific Partnership, which are subjects the Trade Council Denmark in the U.S often encounter when advising companies.

For more information on OFII’s work, please visit:


AASHE Conference and Expo

The Danish District Energy Alliance was represented at this year’s AASHE Conference and Expo

On October 25-28, representatives of the Danish District Energy Alliance (DDEA) participated in The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) annual conference and expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The objective of the trip was to advance the knowledge on one of the alliance’s key segments—American universities. Several great leads for ongoing projects at universities were brought forward, together with initial talks on further cooperation with a number of other relevant stakeholders of sustainability in higher education.

Since the DDEA was established as part of the Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in the United States in collaboration with prominent and pioneering Danish companies within district energy, the alliance have focused a great deal of resources on cooperating with American universities. Thus, the conference represented great opportunities to sense the development within a key segment and broaden the awareness of the DDEA’s presence in the US.

The annual AASHE Conference & Expo brought together emerging and advanced sustainability professionals, senior leaders, students, faculty, staff and businesses a four-day conference to discuss campus sustainability innovations. With over 2,000 attendees, the conference facilitated workshops, case studies, panel discussions and keynote addresses to support the advancement of sustainability in higher education. The conference was well structured, and the DDEA gained a lot from participating.

Through the four-day conference, the DDEA extended the understanding of the work that is currently done within institutions of higher education to change the face of sustainability on campus areas and surroundings in the US. The DDEA now continues to promote Danish solutions within district energy at American universities with its improved knowledge on sustainability plans in higher education.

Danish District Heating entering the US

The US is still one of the largest consumers of energy in the world and the interest for energy efficiency has increasingly become a topic for Danish companies. Thus, there are good opportunities for Danish companies which supply energy solutions, which are both sustainable and efficient, like district heating.

The Danish District Energy Alliance has been established with an overall objective to facilitate a dedicated effort in providing Danish solutions within district energy to support increasingly sustainable and resilient energy generation in the US.

District energy remains the backbone of the Danish energy supply as Denmark continues as a pioneer in adjusting to environmental changes with technological and innovative solutions. As of today, 63 per cent of the Danish population obtains their heating from district heating, with a goal of reaching 75 per cent within a few of years. These impressive numbers are, in no small part, due to the Danish district energy industry being a world leader in its field. which continuously strives to develop its state of the art technologies and solutions.

Interested Danish companies now have the opportunity to partake in a strategic sales alliance focusing on selling district heating to the American market. The Sales Alliance will, through a coordinated approach, promote Danish solutions to the US. In particular small and medium sized Danish companies with expertise within biomass have a great potential in the American market and within the sales alliance. The goal of the alliance is to establish and secure specific district heating projects for Danish companies.

If you wish to learn more:

Embassy of Denmark in the US

Jakob Bjerregaard, Export advisor

Tel.: +1 (202) 304-9194