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HDMS NIELS JUEL “Open for Business in Baltimore”

11th-14th of November, the Danish export organization Naval Team Denmark, in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Washington, D.C., hosted a wide range of U.S. and Canadian business and government contacts on board the Royal Danish Navy vessel HDMS NIELS JUEL in Baltimore and Halifax.

As representatives of a strong Danish maritime tradition, Naval Team Denmark was able to use the ship as a platform for U.S. partners to acquaint themselves with modern and efficient Danish shipbuilding. Naval Team Denmark represents 13 Danish suppliers and 2 foreign affiliated members, which all benefit from a close relationship with the Royal Danish Navy. While the Navy offers demonstrations of ships, onboard equipment, training programs and logistic support schemes, Naval Team Denmark offer partnerships and assistance in transfer of technology.

Planning of the events associated with the visit by HDMS NIELS JUEL to Baltimore and Halifax in November began six months prior to this in close partnership between the Danish Embassy in Washington D.C., Naval Team Denmark and the Danish Navy. This partnership gave fourteen Danish companies the opportunity to exhibit their products to U.S. and Canadian business partners in the helicopter hangar.

In cooperation with its partners, the Embassy put together an impressive program with a wide range of tours of the ship, working lunches, a two-day seminar, select group briefings, receptions, etc., with business and governments partners. On board, the Danish Chief of Defense, General Peter Bartram, and Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Taksøe-Jensen greeted guests, such as the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, the American Society of Naval Engineers, U.S. Navy League, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Academy, and many more.



About Naval Team Denmark

Beginning with an idea in the Danish Parliament, Naval Team Denmark was established 22 years ago, in 1992, due to a worldwide interest in the unique modular shipbuilding concept, called Standard Flex, to ensure mission flexibility, cost-efficiency and robustness of the Royal Danish Navy.

Two years ago, the Danish Minister of Defense launched a new initiative called “Open for Business”. The aim of this initiative was to allow the Danish Armed Forces to support Danish industry in stimulating exports, when convenient and appropriate, to ensure growth and employment in Denmark.

Over the last 22 years Naval Team Denmark has assisted member companies in marketing and promotion of products, systems and knowhow to navies and coast guards abroad. Member companies are typically major Danish suppliers to the Royal Danish Navy but also include foreign affiliated members.


Meet Anna Thomsen Holliday – new Consul in Houston

Anna Thomsen Holiday – the long-time vice consul in Houston – has assumed the reigns from former Consul Ray Daugbjerg. Ms Holiday is a partner in Huntsham Investment Partners in Houston and Founding Chairman and President of the Danish American Chamber and Commerce of South West. She also serves on the board of the Danish Immigrant Museum, Houston International Dance Coalition/Dance Salad, the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, Vikingeskolen in Houston, Contemporary Craft Center, and FotoFest.

Born in Hallund, Denmark, Ms Holliday is a long-time resident of Houston and married to the commercial investment banker Harold Earle Holliday, Jr.

Ambassador Peter Taksoe-Jensen held the presentation of credentials in a ceremony at the Embassy of Denmark on December 4th, 2014. The Embassy staff who have worked with Ms Holliday over many years were present to toast her new position and wish her well. The Ambassador remarked that she has always been a very hard-working colleague and approaches her duties with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Danish Companies Looking for Green Orders from the American Military

The American Military is the world’s largest energy consumer with a consumption of more than 300,000 tons of oil daily. Yearly, the US Military uses 600 billion Danish Kroner on energy or approximately $1.4 billion. Every time the price of oil rises by $1, the American Military’s energy bill rises by approximately $125,500,000.

Therefore, the US Military has implemented a series of green initiatives within energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce their energy consumption and stabilize their energy costs.

There are significant business opportunities for Danish companies in the Green sector. Danish companies visited the American Military in order to investigate these potential opportunities. DI and the Danish Embassy in Washington invited a series of Danish companies to visit various US Military bases.

The companies visited the Pentagon, a Navy base in Virginia, an Air Force base in Delaware and an Army base in North Carolina. The companies were briefed on the bases’ development planes and were also able to showcase their products. The aim of the visits was to create awareness of Danish cleantech solutions and, ultimately, pave the way for sales to the American Military. Roxul, one of the companies taking part in the trip, sees a significant potential in making the Military’s buildings more energy efficient.

The current goal is to have 25 percent of energy use coming from renewable energy by 2025. Today the military produces 384 megabytes from renewable sources. In 2018, the capacity will rise to 2.1 gigawatts. Moreover, the Air Force will increase the use of biofuels to 50 percent by 2016 while the Navy will reduce the use of oil by 15 percent by 2020.

Investments in large renewable energy projects, like wind and solar, on American Military bases is expected to grow by 2030 from 7 billion Danish Kroner or approximately $ 1.2 Billion to 60 Billion Danish Kroner or approximately $10 Billion per year.

At the same time, the military is investing billions of dollars in energy efficiency on the bases and the recycling of water and waste. By 2020, six US Military bases will be energy neutral and twelve bases will recycle their waste water and trash.

Many of the companies on the tour are members or potential members of ADBC and there are many opportunities for ADBC members in this area.

Energi delegation 2

Meet Joan Hentze – new Head of Trade at the Danish Consulate General in New York

Starting August 1st 2014, Joan Hentze is the new Head of Trade at the Danish Consulate General in New York – equally responsible for the Healthcare and Design teams across the US.
Joan is expatriated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, where she was the Global Industry Team leader for the Healthcare Industry. In this position she was responsible for an international team of 25 highly specialized healthcare experts, development and implementation of the Danish Government’s Growth plan within the healthcare sector. Furthermore she has played a vital role in the development of public affairs activities across the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the organisation in the US, Joan will use her extensive knowledge and previous experience to further develop the Healthcare and Design departments by use of a strategic approach building different business development models and strategic partnerships applying to each of the industries. In addition, Joan will be part of the public affairs team across sectors in the US – making use of her strategic and innovative mind-set and strong drive for results working with policy makers, senior business leaders, think tanks and NGO worldwide on a wide variety of issues.

Joan holds a solid theoretical foundation provided by a master degree and executive MBA from CBS in 2013. She has significant business experience within corporate public affairs including stakeholder management & political risk management, executive positioning, business development based on close corporation with the major Danish companies within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Joan possesses valuable skills in matching and constantly developing the commercial services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the needs of the Danish companies working in international complex environments with rapid global changes.

Meet Flemming Bomholt Møller – and the new Water Technology Alliance

The Trade Council office at the General Consulate in Chicago has established a Water Technology Alliance headed by Flemming Bomholt Møller. The three largest and leading water utilities in Denmark (Aarhus Water, VCS & HOFOR [3V]) supply drinking water and handle waste water for approximately 25% of the Danish population. They have established a strategic collaboration that, among other things, seeks to share its knowledge — gained through decades of Danish experience in wastewater treatment technology, energy management, storm water operations, and related issues. All three utilities have extensive knowledge regarding the operation of sustainable wastewater treatment facilities.

The collaboration includes an international working group and a main goal of collaborating with Danish Embassies and Consulates around the world. 3V intends to station qualified and experienced employees at these locations conducting seminars geared towards local authorities and facilities. In other words, our Danish water expert, stationed at the Danish Consulate in Chicago, is at the disposal of U.S. water and wastewater utilities.
Over a period of 35 years, Danish companies have undergone incredible changes, from initially considering wastewater a burden to now seeing it as a useful resource. Every day, 3V employees are involved in projects involving energy optimization, NRW, process optimization and climate adaptation. Moreover, 3V plants in Denmark are energy efficient and optimized in every way possible. We offer in-depth analysis of wastewater treatment plants and water treatment facilities, as well as knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices. We also offer the opportunity to participate in workshops with technical presentations at the highest level, plus fact-finding trips to Danish treatment plants and water facilities that demonstrate the future of water and waste water systems.

Heading WTA (Water Technology Alliance), Flemming Bomholt Møller was previously Project Manager at Aarhus Vand A/S and Operator at Aarhus Vand A/S for twelve years. As an Operator, he was in charge of the operation of six wastewater treatment plants – both process engineering operations as well as maintenance and personnel management. Flemming has a wide network of connections within the wastewater treatment industry in Denmark. He is a marine engineer and has received a Diploma of Technology in maintenance. In addition, Flemming has given courses in the operation of digesters at the Water Center in Silkeborg, Denmark over the past four years. Flemming is now involved in the management of the WTA team in the US and is committed to maintaining close contact with Danish utilities at the forefront of modern wastewater treatment technology. He is also working at establishing a strong network of professionals in the US through which common goals and results can be achieved – thereby securing the continued success of the WTA.


Meet Søren Juul Jørgensen – new executive director at Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley

Søren has worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1993, with a leave from 2003-2006. Working with business development, sales and project management with Danish IT company Mærsk Data and IBM. Søren also worked in the Danish IT Industry Association, focusing on IT security and financial sector IT.

When returning to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2006, Søren managed the team of consultants at the Trade Department at the Danish Embassy in Warsaw. Søren has worked with the energy sector as a Trade Council key account manager to Vestas Windsystems and as board member of Danish biogas company, Hedeselskabet. He has extensive experience with EU, policy and political issues and communication, not least generated when working as Danish press spokesperson and private secretary to the Minister for European Affairs as well as press spokesperson to the Permanent representation of Denmark to the European Union in Brussels.

Søren is a lawyer by training and teaches law at the University of Copenhagen. He also serves as an external examiner at the universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Meet Henrik Bo Larsen – new addition to the Innovation team at Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley

Starting August 1st, 2014, Henrik Bo Larsen is the new addition to the Innovation team at Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley.

Henrik brings a great expertise from more than 19 years of experience within business management, strategy, marketing, innovation and portfolio management. He spent the last 14 years at Novo Nordisk, recently working as the Director of Innovation Strategy. Here, he was able to successfully manage a complex portfolio of large-scale innovation projects while at the same time drive the agenda for the development of new organizational capabilities aimed specifically at market exploration and agility.
At Innovation Center Denmark, Henrik will use his extensive knowledge and previous experience to further develop the innovation area with a focus on Health Care and a business development model to apply to the Health Care industry. In addition, he will work on identifying relevant and applicable sub-industries within Health Care and Health Technologies to focus upon. Henrik will also be working, in close collaboration with the other divisions at ICDK, to secure an integrated approach to enhance trade and innovation.

Henrik holds a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration from Aarhus University and San Francisco State University.

Silicon Valley hosted the SCALEit bootcamp for Danish start-ups from September 3-11

Five companies participated in the nine-day long event in Silicon Valley. The participants had three full days with “pitch” sessions, feedback from and networking with local entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. There was an extra “pitch” coach session to prepare specifically for TechCrunch Disrupt. This preparation ended up with three days at TechCrunch Disrupt. The companies also had one day of programs with other Nordic start-ups, including panels with Nordic entrepreneurs and investors and, again, a networking opportunity.
At the end of the event there were two more networking events organized around the needs of the specific participants – one involving the Danish Minister of Business & Economics, Henrik Sass Larsen, and one final “pitch” event — where the participants along with approximately ten other Nordic start-ups were given the opportunity to” pitch” in front of a large audience in San Francisco.

If you would like to know more about the ScaleIt program please contact Lene Sjorslev Schulze at or visit the website on

New Addition to the CleanTech Team at Innovation Center Denmark

Starting July 1st, 2014, Ali Mushtaq Butt is the new addition to the CleanTech team at Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley.

Ali comes from a previous job as Vice President of the Wind Energy Advisory at the Consulate General of Denmark in Chicago. In the Windy City, he was responsible for building a highly specialized, six person advisory team within the wind energy industry.

At Innovation Center Denmark, Ali will use his extensive knowledge and previous experience to restructure and further develop the CleanTech department and by use of a strategic approach build a business development model to apply to the CleanTech industry. In addition, he will work on identifying relevant and applicable sub-industries within CleanTech to focus upon. Ali will also be working, in close collaboration with the other divisions at ICDK, to secure an integrated approach to enhance trade and innovation.

Ali holds a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, that previously has been put to good use at various multinational CleanTech companies where he has worked at both the corporate and unit level. With work experience from most parts of the world, Ali possesses a valuable cultural understanding when forming strategic partnerships and negotiating contracts.

New Oil & Gas cluster enters the Trade Council US

The Oil & Gas cluster is now established at the Trade Council of Denmark in Atlanta to support one of the 23 growth initiatives to increase Danish exports to the US by 25 percent by the end of 2016. The new team within the Trade Council US will work to assist Danish companies to supply into the US Oil & Gas industry and has been developed in collaboration with the Danish business community.

Atlanta is a world-renowned city of business: ranked third in the USA for headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, behind New York City and Houston. The Trade Council Atlanta has tremendous experience supporting Danish industrial exports and is staffed well to help the new Oil & Gas cluster members.  Atlanta’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico is another great fit. The regional location and industrial experience is crucial as the cluster targets companies that service and support the Oil & Gas industry, not direct Danish exporters of Oil & Gas.

Mid-sized companies benefit the most from using the Trade Council and it is on them the cluster has chosen to focus. The selected companies are already exporting and have an innovative product or possess deep experience.  The US market is highly competitive but values innovation and strong experience or know how. The Oil & Gas cluster will work to bring this value to the US market.

For more information contact: Senior trade advisor, Oil & Gas, Paul B. Richardson / PAURIC@UM.DK