Danish District Energy Alliance attends IDEA 2016 Trade Show

The Danish District Energy Alliance, represented by Danish delegates Mr Jakob Bjerregaard and Mr Niels Malskær from the Embassy of Denmark in the U.S. attended the IDEA 2016 annual conference and trade show in St. Paul, Minnesota. The purpose of their exhibit was to showcase products as well as projects that Danish District Energy Alliance partners are involved in.

The conference was an international forum shaping the next generation of district energy, bringing together experienced global industry leaders from across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discuss and debate the state and the future of energy.

IDEA 2016 brought together companies within the sector to explore best practices in developing, owning and operating district energy, CHP & micro-grids in cities, drawing from local operations including Minnesota’s cities, utilities, campuses and medical institutions.

The DDEA stand at IDEA 2016
The DDEA stand at IDEA 2016

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