Danish Ministers attend the annual meetings at the IMF and World Bank Group

Mogens Jensen

Ending extreme poverty by ensuring inclusive growth and fighting inequality: The Danish Minister for Development and Trade, Mogens Jensen, Minister of Economic affairs and the Interior, Morten Østergaard, and Governor of the Danish National Bank, Lars Rohde, will visit Washington D.C. to attend the annual meetings at the IMF and World Bank Group.

The two ministers and the Governor will attend the Annual Meetings in the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group on October 10-12, 2014 in Washington DC. The World Bank discussions will evolve around how to end extreme poverty while fighting inequality and ensuring inclusive economic growth. The right of the poorest of the poor to have a fair share of the economic growth is a high priority, as Denmark together with our partners work towards ending extreme poverty by 2030. The World Bank is an important and influential global development actor, and thus it is important that Denmark continues to push the World Bank in the right direction. At the Annual Meetings, Denmark thus intends to set the agenda for fighting illicit financial flows that every year robs developing countries of large financial resources that could have been invested in development. Together with this agenda, Denmark will focus on innovative approaches to development, and how public engagement in Public-Private partnerships can bring about job creation and inclusive economic growth that will ensure sustainable and responsible long-term economic development in the world’s poorest countries. Minister Jensen will attend a High Level Meeting on Ebola with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, World Bank President Kim and IMF Director Lagarde to discuss what are the development needs, how extensive is the crisis and can the international community do more.

As part of his visit, the Minister of Trade and Development is going to visit Danfoss in Baltimore. Danfoss is an example of a successful Danish company doing business in the US. The US is the largest export market for Danfoss. At Danfoss the Minister is also joining a breakfast roundtable with business leaders from Danish subsidiaries. The theme of the roundtable is the commercial potential for Danish companies in the USA and the potential impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Minister Jensen will also meet with President of the AFL-CIO Mr. Richard L. Trumka to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


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