Guldmann Inc. Opens Showroom in Boston

Photo by Guldmann Inc.

On September 29 2016, as part of the export promotional tour, the Danish healthcare company Guldmann Inc. opened their new showroom in Boston with Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince Couple and the Minister for Business and Growth. A market leader in the U.S. and globally, Guldmann excels in safe patient handling, equipment, and consulting. Their innovations and models are the most duplicated and imitated in the industry which underlines how impactful this Danish design is to the medical equipment industry.

With the new showroom, Guldmann Inc. responds to a demand in the North Eastern U.S. market, since they are the only manufacturer offering lifts in this area.

Guldmann Inc.’s turnkey solutions for hospitals and institutions are changing mobility and transfer of patients, providing safer environments and ultimately more time to care for patients.
At the opening event during the export promotion, Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess was not scared to get hands-on as she pretended to be a doctor helping out a man from a lift.

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