ADBC supported event at the Embassy of France

Keynote speaker Alan Gregerman presenting

ADBC joined many of its fellow trade councils the British American business Association, the French American Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce -DC and hosted an ‘Innovation and Networking’ session, with acclaimed author of “The Necessity of Strangers”, Alan Gregerman.

Mr. Gregerman, cited as “one of the most original thinkers in business today”, challenged all who were present to examine how we can further our businesses by expanding the circle of people we invite to the table, when we look for new ideas. Using modern day examples, like the connection between a Sony Walkman and an iPhone, he pointed out that almost all of our new products and ideas are based on something which has come before.

He also used the example of self-driving car sensors being based on the coordinated movements of schools of fish, something that could only come about through the introduction of marine biology into car design discussions, to point out the benefits of inclusivity. Therefore, he reasons, it is critical to invite people with different backgrounds to share their experiences, rather than only have people with similar education and predispositions join brainstorming sessions.

After the stimulating talk by Mr. Gregerman, our colleagues at the French Embassy hosted a networking session.

Innovation and European Networking
Innovation and European Networking

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