New resources to the ADBC secretariat

At the Danish Embassy, we have decided to allocate an extra resource to assist the ADBC secretariat on a daily basis. Apart from the Trade Counselor, Jess Møller Knudsen, acting as ADBC’s Executive Secretary, we have added one Commercial Advisor permanently to the ADBC secretariat.

ADBC Welcomes Heidi Roborg Storgaard, who has been Commercial Advisor at the Danish Embassy in Washington DC since April 2017. Heidi is specialized in Public Affairs and has successfully helped out Danish companies in managing U.S. stakeholders. Especially, she has been instrumental in organizing last years’ Danish Embassy events in the U.S. Congress. Heidi previously held positions in both the private and public sector in Denmark and the EU. She is looking very much forward to contribute to ADBC.

The ADBC Secretariat will continue to benefit from having one of the Embassy’s Trade Interns assisting ADBC full time.

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