Rambøll Signs Important Contract with the City of Cambridge

Photo by David Fox

During the export promotional tour, Rambøll and the City of Cambridge officially agreed to collaborate on a low-carbon energy supply masterplan for the City of Cambridge in Massachusetts. The plan is part of the city’s ambitious sustainability vision.

Thomas Vetrano, who is Managing Director at Rambøll, went to Boston University to sign the contract with Richard C. Rossi, the City Manager of Cambridge. To participate in the signing ceremony were His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Denmark and the Danish Minister for Business and Growth.

Global Market Director for Energy in Rambøll, Jens Ole Hansen states that the contract is an important step for Rambøll, since it helps Rambøll gain a strong foothold on the American energy market. Rambøll is extremely confident about the potential of the American energy market, which is why Rambøll opens an office in Boston before the end of 2016 dedicated to energy services.

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