Reception with the Ripon Society and ADBC in the Ambassador’s residence

Last Tuesday on July 9th, H.E. Ambassador Lone Wisborg had the pleasure of hosting a lovely evening reception together with the Ripon Society. Some of the many guests attending included multiple Congressmen and congressional staffers along with American and Danish companies from the Ripon Society as well as the American-Danish Business Council.

With an upcoming inspirational trip to Denmark later this year for approx. 300 congressional- and company representatives, including 29 Congressmen, the evening signified the great relationship between the United States and Denmark as we further develop lasting ties, creating economic opportunities and synergies across the Atlantic.

Ambassador Wisborg opened the evening by welcoming everyone to the residence and expressed her gratitude for their company. Next, Rep. Gregory Walden held a great speech stressing the excitement of their upcoming visit to Denmark, followed by Rep. Tom Reed who presented a gift of appreciation to Ambassador Wisborg.

Thank you to the many members of the ADBC who participated in making this evening one to remember.







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