The Trade Council in Washington D.C.

Get to know the advisors at the Trade Council in Washington D.C.



Name: Lina Gandløse Hansen

Counselor, Trade and Investment at the Embassy of Denmark, Washington D.C. Lina has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2004. Before coming to Washington D.C. she was Deputy Director in Invest in Denmark and has also been engaged in Trade Council and Invest in Denmark in Copenhagen and Paris. Lina is an expert in innovation and business strategy and holds a Masters degree from Copenhagen Business School. Lina is currently responsible for the coordination of Trade Council activities in the U.S.

IMG_3071 Name: Elizabeth Dempsey Becker

Elizabeth (Liz) joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in September 2013 as Senior Advisor, Healthcare & Life Sciences in the Trade Council. In this role she advises and supports companies on commercial opportunities and regulatory challenges in the U.S. Liz is a member of the Trade Council’s global healthcare team and key account manager for Bavarian Nordic. Liz has more than 25 years of experience in business development, marketing and public affairs from management positions with Bavarian Nordic and Novo Nordisk in Denmark and Exxon in the USA. She holds an MPA degree from Harvard University.

personelphotoCA2VL1TN Name: Charlotte Nytoft

Charlotte Nytoft has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since November 2007. Charlotte has more than 20 years of international trade experience from various industries, including 6 years with the procurement division at one of the world’s largest FMCG/e-Commerce businesses. Charlotte is a Senior Commercial Advisor at the Trade Council North America’s Energy & Environment Team and holds a bachelor degree in internationalization and management. Over the years, Charlotte has executed traditional market studies and concept tests for Danish companies, she has identified sales- and distributions channels, identified partners and established contact to key decision makers in the US, introduced and established connections to Danish clients, which has led to valuable relationships.

 mp Name: Mary Paul Smith Jespersen

Mary Paul has been with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since February 2008 as a commercial and regulatory expert. Mary Paul has been involved in energy and environmental issues for over 30 years and is now a part of the Trade Council’s energy and environment team. She has extensive international experience and has lived in Asia and Europe as well as the United States.  She has many years of political activity, which gives her an extensive network at all levels of government.  She received her M.Sc from the London School of Economics and Political Science in European Studies and began work toward a PhD in West European Government. Mary Paul now serves as a Senior Commerical Advisor and Executive Secretary of the American-Danish Business Council.

 Per lyse Name: Per Lyse Rasmussen

Lieutenant Colonel Per Lyse Rasmussen took the position of Assistant Defense Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in Washington D.C. in July 2003. He added the position of Defense Industrial Cooperation Attaché in 2007. Prior to that Per was with the Danish Ministry of Defense in Denmark, where he worked with procurement and logistics as the Deputy Head of Office. His work involves identifying opportunities for Danish companies within the American Defense sector, Department of Homeland Security including the US Coast Guard and the Veterans Administration.

personelphotoCA6BBH17 Name: Steen Steensen

Steen has been with the Embassy since 2010 specialising in protecting and promoting the general Danish food and agricultural interests in the US. Steen has a background over 34 years in the service of the Trade Council and Ministry of Food and Agriculture, where he has spent many years abroad in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe working as Commercial Counsellor and Minister Counsellor for Food & Agriculture. In the Danish Trade Council Steen is Key Account Coordinator for the cooperation with The Danish Meat Council and he is serving as co-chairman in the Global Food Safety Technical Working Group which Denmark supports in the World Bank.