Trade Council establishing Waste & Recycling Advisory in the U.S.

View of city waste incinerator plant.
A market opportunity

Several states and cities in the US have been given goals of no longer disposing waste at disposal sites. Instead, waste should be recycled and resource utilized. According to the Danish Trade Council in the US, if Danish companies in the waste industry join forces in coming up with total system solutions, opportunities for export will be presented. This is why the Trace Council is establishing the Waste & Recycling Advisory. It will be a sector team that will seek out actors in the American waste industry, discuss solutions and lay the foundation for potential sales.

Danish competence

The Danish companies in the industry might seem small individually compared to the big actors in the United States, which is why the Waste & Recycling Advisory will focus on whole systems and complete technologies. The same approach has been successfully applied to the District Heating industry.

To read more about this new initiative click HERE.

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